Adoption memoir book cover design

Adoption memoir book cover design

Adoption memoir book cover design

Project brief

The adoption memoir book cover design is not always easy to achieve. This genre is extremely emotional and real so the design needs to be made accordingly. Akin to the Truth, A Memoir of Adoption and Identity is about growing up between the 60s and 80s when the subject of adoption was still mostly taboo. It is about the relationship Paige, the author, had with her adoring, yet angst-filled adoptive father and the parallel struggles they both faced regarding finding their places in life. It is a coming of age story which most teens and young adults struggle with—adopted or not.

Design process

Paige had a beautiful picture of the social worker delivering her as a child to her adoptive parents and since this is a very personal story, this old photo was the perfect choice. My design combined vintage with modern bright touches in order to convey hope and overpassing the difficult moments in Paige’s life.


Akin to the Truth book cover was a great design project to work on. I loved the personal touch of the story and Paige was a true pleasure to work with! I was also very happy I manage to nail the feeling that an adoption memoir book really needs.


Find out more about Akin to the Truth on Paige’s website or check out Akin to the Truth live on Amazon.

Adoption memoir book cover design Cover design for memoir book about adoption Cover design for memoir book about adoption

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