Adult coloring book series cover design

Adult coloring book series cover design

Adult coloring book series cover design

Project Brief

The Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation by Emma Bloom is a book project that attracted me right away. I’ve heard about coloring books for adults before, but I never saw one, let alone design a cover for such a book. I was intrigued and very excited to become a part of such an innovative book. As the main topic, Emma chose to feature black and white line drawings of repeating patterns and mandalas that people can color in using pens or pencils. She already had a cool pattern image, and she wanted the background of the front and back cover to be a full-bleed version of it.

Design process

Emma gave full freedom about the way the designer would use the image and color it in. However, her inly few requests were to keep the pattern still visible at a small size and not to use neon colors. She also wanted only part of the design to be colored, to look as if the cover was in the process of being colored. My first proposals were somehow shy in colors. I didn’t want to go overboard with them. However, Emma liked the color scheme I came up with. She just requested for me to bring those colors to a more live, vibrant level. And so my second round of proposals turned out to be spot on—colorful yet calming.

Given the busy pattern background, it was obvious that text would be hard to see if placed directly on it. I needed to think of a way to have the background clear underneath the title, subtitle, and author name. Using a shaped white box—either round or rectangle—was going to do the trick. But the layout looked random. That’s when I thought about making it look like a decoupage along the actual lines of the pattern. It was great! This way, I got the right space at the top to clearly display the title while creating a visually appealing play on the pattern itself.

Final Thoughts

Emma was just as excited as I was about our collaboration. She wanted an eye-catching cover and she got one! I’m happy she chose to work with me!


You can check how Emma’s adult coloring book is doing on Amazon.

Adult coloring book series cover design Relaxation Adult Coloring Book cover design Relaxation Adult Coloring Book cover design

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