sweet clean baby books series

Baby books series cover design

Baby books series cover design

Project Brief

The cover design project for Tummy Time baby books series was pretty straight forward. They needed something dynamic, yet simple and eye catchy at the same time. They indicated color preference for black, white and red. They also had their own original illustrations to use throughout the series.

Design process

I created a layout to match and complement Tummy Time original illustrations. I took into consideration their color choice and created a predominantly red & black color scheme. I also used subtle hues of blue and orange on the background to help the cover get more depth of field.

As the series is sold primarily as Ebook, I made the titles clear and easy-to-read. I placed the illustrations inside dotted central circles in order to create a clear focus on the graphics. This also gave me generous negative space that helped the covers look clean, uncluttered and modern. The top wavy band and flowery sticker gave the right sweet and soft overall look.

Final thoughts

I always love working with images provided by clients—especially when they are high resolution and original. That’s exactly why I loved the Tummy Time Books series so much! My cover design for Tummy Time baby books established a great easy-to-remember look for the series. The three covers are a successful combination of originality, clean layout, visible text and cuteness to suit the book’s genre.


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sweet clean baby books series Tummy time baby books series with provided illustrations

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