Book cover design for Bollywood story

Book cover design for Bollywood story

Book cover design for Bollywood story

Project brief

When I started working on the cover design of Mohan’s new book, The Five Foolish Virgins, I didn’t know much about Indian plots—especially the ones related to Bollywood. Nonetheless, I had always been intrigued by the beauty of Indian characters and their extremely strong and heart touching life stories. Mohan’s keyword description for his book cover design was unconventional. He needed the cover to stand apart and look glamourous. Even though he has a committed readership among Indians, he wanted his new novel to target all people who love to read. That’s why his cover needed to interest people across nations, especially since Bollywood—the film industry in India—is not really that much different from Hollywood.

Design process

Mohan already had a few specific photos that he planned to use on the cover. After a few drafts, I created a face focused cover with a dark burgundy color scheme. This helped me create an overall mysterious feel with a touch of sex appeal.

Final thoughts

I always love getting printed copies of the books I design covers for and Mohan was extremely kind to send me a sample of The Five Foolish Virgins. I won’t give away anything due to my strong no spoiler alert policy but I can say the cover paired beautifully with a story that kept me totally hooked until the end…


Follow Mohan Deep’s work and activity on his website. See how The Five Foolish Virgins is doing live on Amazon.

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