christian fantasy book

Christian fantasy book cover design

Christian fantasy book cover design

Project brief

The Messengers and the Forgotten Choice is a christian fantasy novel about a 20 year old guy named Micah Jones and his sudden encounters with the spiritual world. The story explores the spiritual influences involved in human choice. It analyses the ramifications that come from every decision we make—for good or for evil—to follow God or to follow sin. For genre, think Constantine the movie, only with teenagers, an entirely different plot and much more biblically consistent.

Design process

Obadiah J. Dalrymple—Obie for short—started his project by thoroughly describing some important scenes from his book. He suggested a few design ideas but he mentioned he was open to suggestions and creativity.

I started the design by focusing on the main character because the book is all about him slowly discovering the world behind our world. Obie suggested the use of light and dark contrasts. So I created a scene that would instantly convey the idea of the fight between good and evil. My mystique element was the pair of supernatural red eyes. The mist, lightnings, clouds or the black and white scheme, everything was thoughtfully put together to convey the spiritual or supernatural aspect of the book. To fine tune the design, I also created an interesting title effect to make the cover even more eye catching and memorable.

Final thoughts

Obie is one of those people I consider myself blessed with! I was very satisfied my design managed to accomplish everything Obie wished for. But most of all, I was genuinely happy I gained another amazing friend!


You can meet Obie and follow his activity on his personal website,, or you can check out The Messengers on Amazon and CreateSpace.

christian fantasy book

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