Cover design for life ReInvention book

Cover design for life ReInvention book

Project brief

ReInvented Life is a book written by Damion Lupo and Christofer Ashby, who are very good friends and also do business together. During the design process, Damion was the direct contact person I worked with. ReInvented Life had already been published but Damion needed a complete cover redesign because the first version looked like a horror novel—he said it, not me! As they wrote a life ReInvention book, Damion suggested that the imagery should instill hope, an opportunity to change and a deep certainty for an amazing life to an otherwise uncertain public. The ReInvented Life book is based on the personal experience of the two authors and it offers the right tools that readers can use to change their lives for better. Damion hoped the new cover would help people feel compelled to read the book believing it holds the keys to them living the life they want.

Design process

Since ReInvented Life is a book about hope and striving for a better life, it was clear it needed a bright positive look. After exchanging a few design concepts, both Damion and I settled for a scene which would be the perfect symbol for transformation—a butterfly metamorphosis. The clean look gave me generous negative space to have highly visible text. I didn’t leave the back cover to chance either; by playing with layout and colors, I made the back look well balanced and creative too. In addition to the new print cover, I also designed an audio book cover and a Consumer Awareness Guide. They both turned out great due to their clean look and highly visible text. Later on, I also redesigned the ReInvented Life logo to complement the new cover look.

Final thoughts

It’s never easy to revamp a cover which has already been published but in Damion’s case, it was bit easier because the first cover didn’t look very good, sorry Damion! Our final redesign proved once again that less is more! I am extremely proud and happy that Damion has become one of our best regular clients!


You can keep up with Damion’s mentoring business via his website, and you can check out how ReInvented Life is doing live on Amazon.

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