Creative Postcard Design

Creative business postcard design series

Creative business postcard design series

Project Brief

Damion is one of my dearest—and most dedicated—client-friend of mine. I am always excited to assist him in any new goal he sets. So when he approached me with a design project that wasn’t a book cover, I was totally in for the challenge. He needed an eye-catchy, clever, out-of-the-box design concept for a series of postcards to promote his company, My Gold Advisor.

Design Process

Getting full design liberty from a client is every designer’s dream. So I’m extremely lucky with Damion because he always trusts my design judgement to the point that he doesn’t even make a project brief. He provides the text and gives me the target audience. But then the project is all mine to put it on the right path. My problem with most business postcards is that they all tend to look similar and boring. Some abstract, blue gradient swooshes background with  cliché stock photos of laughing people shaking hands. I wanted more than that to make Damion’s postcards really stand out. I wanted composition. I wanted strong contrast. I wanted fun yet elegant. First, I put together a suggestive, authoritative color scheme of browns and golds with red accents. Then, I started started to put the text together in unusual layout designs. Finally, feeling inspired by Damion’s text and call-to-action lines, I managed to choose visuals that looked fun and different than the clichés we often see on this kind of promotional materials.

Final thoughts

A successful business postcard is the one that doesn’t get binned by the recipient without having been looked at. All a postcard needs is one thing to grab the eye, and generate interest for the reader to at least consider it. That’s exactly what I aimed for in my creative postcard  design series for Damion. And I hope I’ve succeeded! If you happen to have gotten one of these postcards in your mail, do let me know if the design had anything to do with getting you to read it.


Damion is an incredible talented person, author, and business man. You can check everything about him on

Creative Postcard Design Creative postcard design series Damion Lupo Creative Postcard Design series

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