Creative Disney World dining book cover

Creative Disney World dining book cover

Creative Disney World dining book cover

Project brief

Rick Killingsworth and Paula Brown represent, an unofficial fan site covering Walt Disney World™ in Florida. They wrote Dining at Walt Disney World® as a definitive guide on how to get the most out of dining at Walt Disney World™. Rick’s main request was for a very creative design idea that will not make use of original Disney characters and logos.

Design process

Not being able to use Disney characters was actually a great spark for inspiration. I had to think of a more minimalistic approach. The challenge was to somehow hint at Disney World dining without the actual use of copyrighted elements. My concept idea was on the good track right from the beginning. I aimed at depicting the Disney dining experience in a simple, clean and fun way. I started by thinking about those Disney elements that anybody would easily recognise. Naturally, Mickey’s and Minnie’s big ears were the perfect choice. Combining their ears with simple cutlery silhouettes created a very creative, fun and effective cover.

Final thoughts

I loved every minute of the design process for Dining at Walt Disney World. I loved the challenge to create something fun and simple without looking childish or cliché. On top of everything, Rick was a real pleasure to work with!


Planning a Disney World dining experience for your family? Find out everything you need to know at or check out Rick’s book on Amazon.

Creative Disney World dining book cover Creative Disney World dining book cover

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