Curating practices book cover design

Curating practices book cover design

Curating practices book cover design

Project brief

Joel was a true joy to work with. He needed a cover design for his new book about curating practices. He was extremely thorough and descriptive in his likes, dislikes and design expectations. This was a great starting point because it put us in optimal connection. He mentioned liking images symmetrical, minimalist, clean and simple images. He also suggested using generous negative space and creating a clear focal point to help draw attention (e.g., a dominant graphic or section of text.) He let us know that he didn’t like check marks, shadows, glow effects, mascots, cartoon characters, generic looking humans, clip art, puzzle pieces, overlapping text, vertical and faded text.

Design process

Taking into consideration a lot of things from Joel’s project brief, I created a clean focused cover with highly visible text.

Experience Curating is a book written to turn the abstract concept of curating one’s existence into something real and actionable. Some of the benefits of curating include more simplicity, better self-expression, establishing yourself as an expert on a topic and being able to find people to resonate with.

My design approach was to concentrate on symbolism. That’s how I came up with an original scene to depict a combination between the concept of organization—the box—and the concept of having an open mind—the growing plant. I also left a lot of negative space to help create the clean overall look that Joel was looking for.

The simple graphics fit perfectly with the clean text to make the cover extremely visible when reduced in size. Me and Joel went back and forth a few times to establish the best background color warmth. Finally, we both settled on something slightly more colored to help the rest of the elements stand out better.

Final thoughts

I absolutely loved teaming up with Joel. Even though he was extremely precise in what he wanted, he was also genuinely open to my ideas. He suggested refinements in a very kind way without imposing things he knew might not have worked well. I am always proud and happy to produce high quality design as a result of a great collaboration with the book’s author. Joel was the perfect team player!


Find out more on Joel’s website. See how Experience Curating is doing live on Amazon.

Curating practices book cover design

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