Evolutionary Eating book formatting

Evolutionary Eating book formatting

Evolutionary Eating  book formatting

Project brief

I had the chance to read Dr. Theresa’s book before starting to work on the interior layout. I instantly fell in love with the content. Her friendly and clear writing style aims at helping people understand the importance of learning how to eat instead of keeping constant daunting diets. It’s a really revolutionizing concept explained with extreme logic and helpful tips & tricks.

Dr. Theresa didn’t have specific requirements for the actual interior design layout apart from wanting the manuscript to be easy-to-read on mobile devices.

Design process

I understood right away that the interior layout design for Evolutionary Eating book needed to be clean, easy-to-read and friendly. I chose a generous leading (space between the lines) to create easy-to-read pages. I also helped with structuring the chapters and making them look consistent. Image wise, we went with a few different versions but eventually, we settled for the original, creative and clean illustrations of Roberto Osiris da Silva Filho. You can check out Roberto Osiris’ amazing works on Behance.

Final thoughts

Dr. Theresa’s core values behind Evolutionary Eating are truly mind opening. Her book deserves a lot of attention because it can really turn lives around in extremely positive ways. I know this because it changed my life too! I am extremely proud, happy and excited to be part of it!


Evolutionary Eating is published by PraeclarusPress, a small press with a big heart dedicated to women’s health. Check out Evolutionary Eating’s sale page directly on PraeclarusPress or see it live on Amazon. Keep an eye on Dr. Theresa’s activity on Family Health Coaching.

Evolutionary Eating book formatting interior layout for evolutionary eating book interior layout for evolutionary eating book Interior layout for evolutionary eating book interior layout for evolutionary eating book

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