Fresh cover design for nutrition book

Fresh cover design for nutrition book

Fresh cover design for nutrition book

Project brief

Dena needed a fresh cover design for her nutrition book with a clean and healthy look. White and green were her desired key colors. There are lots of nutrition books out there, so she needed a cover that wouldn’t look like a cliché. She also wanted the cover to tell the story behind the book’s title.

Design process

I was very happy both I and Dena were on the same note to create a simple clean layout and design with an inspirational twist. The twist was my creative idea to make a peach core in the shape of a heart and then place the peach on top of an open book to relate to the title.

Organizing most of the graphics on the bottom half of the cover gave me generous space to prominently display the title in the upper half. This ensured high visibility and focus on the title and subtitle while the bottom of the cover was used to place Dena’s name and logo.

Final thoughts

I absolutely loved Dena’s project from the very beginning. I was both honored and proud that she loved my approach right away! My book cover was paired beautifully with an amazing website, created and implemented by her web developing team.


Find out more about Dena’s activity on her official Back to the Book Nutrition website. Check out how Nutrition by the book is doing live on Amazon.

Fresh cover design for nutrition book

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