Fun dating book cover design

Fun dating book cover design

Fun dating book cover design

Project brief

Fifty Dates in Fifty States is a fun memoir retelling a nine-month adventure and so the cover needed to convey the idea of freedom. I was very happy that Tiffany didn’t want a typical design approach based on romantic clichés like hearts and such. We both agreed that something on the wild side would work better for her cover.

Design process

I choose the symbol of American road because the traveling idea behind Tiffany’s life adventure was more important than the romance itself. It wasn’t necessarily the dating but the journey that turned to be life changing.

Final thoughts

I loved this project from the very beginning. I loved the fact that Tiffany’s book was based on such an original adventure and I truly admired her courage! What woman wouldn’t like to have Tiffany’s guts to go on a dating trip around 50 USA States? Well, Tiffany is no ordinary woman, that’s for sure! She is amazing, full of life and extremely fun. She also happens to write very well too! By the way, she actually married one of the 50 dates. I am not going to tell you which one though—no spoiler alerts on our website. For sure, Fifty Dates in Fifty States is the right book for the single ladies. It is the proof there is still hope out there and it can also come with a lot of fun and adventure.


Find out news about Tiffany on her blog. Check out Fifty Dates in Fifty States live on Amazon.

Fun dating book cover design Fun dating book cover design Fun dating book cover design

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