Life book cover design front and back

Life book cover design

Life book cover design

Project brief

Lianne Campbell’s book, “Lessons from Leela,” is a non fiction book about life and its twists and turns. It tells the story of how Lianne, her partner and their dog, Leela, moved into a van and beckoned an adventure. Her target audience is comprised of people who are interested in a down-to-earth look at spirituality, natural health and the lessons life can bring us.

Design process

Even though Lianne’s book is about how magic happens if we stay true to following our passions, it is also down to earth and often humorous as touching on subjects like life after death, law of attraction, natural health and spiritual practices. Lianne started her project by suggestion the use of abstract elements like a bird in flight for example. However, I truly felt it was better to use their dog on the cover because it relates to the whole meaning of the book—Leela is a sanskrit word meaning dance of life. To my great pleasure, Lianne really liked my concept and we kept refining it by integrating different natural elements to really catch the beauty of life.

Final thoughts

I admit I have a personal affinity for memoirs and Lianne’s book is no exception. Her book is a proof that life only seems like a series of un-related events, when, in fact, it is intrinsically connected and is worth living no matter how difficult it might get. I am proud to be part of Lianne’s book!


Keep in touch with Lianne on her personal website or follow Lessons from Leela on Facebook to stay tuned for book launch.

Life book cover design front and back

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