Meditation benefits book cover design

Meditation benefits book cover design

Project brief

Andrew is an amazing author, spiritual teacher and humanitarian. Among his other extremely interesting books and articles, he decided to write a book about the new developing wave of mindfulness. For his new book, Meditation in the iGeneration, he needed a cover to emphasize on the benefits of meditation in a world of information, speed and clutter.

Design process

I aimed for a cover to convey a feeling of serenity and comfort in the middle of modern world speed and clutter. Yet, I wanted the cover to look uncluttered per se. To reach the best balance, I created a clean central area where I set up my meditating character. This gave me plenty of negative space to combine the speed lines and small internet icons without overwhelming the cover. The color choice wasn’t accidental either; I wanted colors to appeal to broad audience and convey the balance between serenity and speed.

Final thoughts

Being an extremely active online presence myself, the subject of  Meditation in the iGeneration spoke to me instantly. I was extremely happy that the creative scene I made was exactly what Andrew needed to send the right message.


You can find out more at the dedicated book site for Meditation in the iGeneration or via its selling page on Amazon. You can also connect with Andrew on his website.

Meditation benefits book cover design Meditation benefits book cover design

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