Metaphysics book cover design

Metaphysics book cover design

Metaphysics book cover design

Project brief

David needed something to vibe cosmic feeling for his metaphysics book. The design needed to be simple, clean, yet striking and eye catchy. It also needed to touch on the subject of the matter too—money.

Design process

I always love working with cosmic images. They offer amazing contrast and beautiful mysterious look.

For the cover of Holographic Universe, I based my concept design on setting up a dollar sign hologram scene in space. The central beam of light ensures the cover grabs the eye instantly. I also created a pleasant symmetry in the way the cosmic elements are aligned—it almost looked like a cosmic conspiracy, so to speak! Initially, I’d chosen a color scheme based on blues, but David kindly suggested to use mainly green because it better conveyed the money subject. I reserved the bottom part of the cover for displaying the title and subtitle so that there is a lot of space to help all elements breath. The cover for Holographic Universe has successfully accomplished simplicity through the use of clean elements and generous negative space distribution.

Final thoughts

David was a pleasure to work with. He is a very determined person and likes working as a team.


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Metaphysics book cover design Metaphysics book

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