Book about Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Book Design

Mindfulness Meditation Book Design

Project brief

The publishing industry abounds with meditation books. Unfortunately, most of them look like clichés. That’s why we get to see too many stone piles, yoga silhouettes, candles, bamboo plants, and water ripples. When Charles approached me to design the cover and interior layout for his book, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple, I was totally hooked. The content was extremely well written and so I wanted to create an effective and professional design to match.

Design process

Charles likes to get involved in the design process so our working relationship was close from the very beginning. We had lots of Skype meetings and teamed up beautifully to create a book as close to perfection as humanly possible. For the cover, I aimed at creating something different than what’s already out there. I worked on a few different versions and I was glad when Charles stopped at the one I personally thought was the most effective. Using the close-up image of a woman with her eyes closed wasn’t random. I wanted to convey serenity in a real way rather than metaphorical. I wanted people to get the feeling that meditation can truly be for anyone. I wanted them to envision themselves in such a serene position. The color scheme I used was inspired by Charles’ website and it complements the serenity of the cover. The interior formatting went through a few changes until both Charles and I were completely happy with it. In the end, we compromised for a clean layout that would be both trustworthy and inspirational.

Final thoughts

I am proud to say the cover design project for Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple was a success. Charles got a professional cover design with a consistent elegant interior formatting that complemented his high-quality content. I see great things ahead for Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple.


If you want to keep up with Charles’ great projects, make sure you visit his website,, or his official Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also check out Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple on Amazon or read some of its great reviews here.

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