Narrative Poem book front and back

Narrative poem inspirational design

Narrative poem inspirational design

Project brief

Mark needed a redesign for the first edition of his fiction book, Tao Shaman, the Way of the Wise Man. His book is a long narrative poem. And so he requested a creative and aesthetic design.

Design process

For the first edition, Mark used the picture of a woman gazing upon a deep green forest. The scene corresponded to a line in the poem. However, since the basis of his book was a trip to Latin America, I chose to emphasize the metaphoric meaning of his life-changing experience.

When I started the design, my mind was set on finding a great lavish Costa Rican landscape. But I wasn’t happy with the ready-made images I found. Most of them looked too commercial while my intention was to create a more inspirational scene. That’s why I preferred combining multiple images to create a better balance between reality and spirituality. I added a subtle color mist for a lavish surreal feeling that the cover needed. In contrast, the green forest and the stark road conveyed the reality of the traveling experience. For the back cover, I used the actual visas from Mark’s scanned passport. They were perfect to add the personal touch to the book jacket.

Final thoughts

Mark’s project was a total delight from start to finish. He embraced the project with an open mind. So he teamed up with me to get the perfect cover for his book.


Check out Tao Shaman, the Way of the Wise Man on Amazon.

Narrative Poem book front and back Tao Shaman full jacket Tao Shaman book design process

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