OPUL logo design for Damion Lupo

OPUL logo design for Damion Lupo

OPUL logo design for Damion Lupo

Project brief

Damion Lupo, one of our dearest clients, is an amazing prolific and successful business man. He’s been running a few businesses so far and wrote quite a few books too. He decided to gather all of his businesses under an “umbrella” company that he named Opul. Damion is a details person—probably one of the reasons we love him so much—and so he didn’t just leave his umbrella company name to chance. He came up with a very catchy name, Opul, from reversing his family name, Lupo. Then he kindly approached us to design a logo for him.

Design process

The concept for the logo wasn’t an easy one. We didn’t really need any specific visual representation since Opul represents a group of other activities and companies. That’s why we went for a text based logo to help the name stand out as a brand in itself. When we came up with the idea of having the P in a different color, Damion was thrilled about it. Once again, our instincts haven’t failed us—the letter P that we chose to emphasize stands as the key core value of Damion’s business: presence.

Final thoughts

Always happy to see our clients happy! The Opul logo proved us why instincts are vital in design. It also proved that simplicity goes a long way when creating memorable brands.


Get in touch with Damion who is also President and Founder of MyGoldAdvisor.com. 

OPUL logo design for Damion Lupo Opul logo design for Damion Lupo

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