Santiago travel full jacket book cover

Santiago travel full jacket book cover

Santiago travel full jacket book cover

Project brief

Dr. Elaine and Joe Foster wrote a beautiful emotional book about the life-changin experience of the Santiago travel. They needed the cover for In Movement There Is Peace to stand out among a lot of other books about walking the Camino. The cover also needed to have a strong personal feeling since it is based on the authors’ personal experience and feelings. What’s special about this book is that it speaks to both those who have already walked the Camino as well as the ones who may have never heard about it. It is a genuine melange of personal feelings, fears and hopes, with extremely useful, clear and thoughtful practical advice for preparing the trip to Santiago. The book is written in an original way from both authors’ perspectives giving us an amazing insight into how the Camino can work for anybody in need.

Design process

Rather than focusing on beautiful landscapes, I decided to add a more personal touch by including a beautiful shell with the sign of the Camino. The shell had a deep and very dear meaning to Joe. After the first English edition was a great success, the authors kindly asked me to make a cover for their Spanish version too.

Final thoughts

I had the chance to read In Movement There Is Peace, and all I can say is that it really made me proud to be a part of it! In Movement There Is Peace will go right to anyone’s heart. It is the type of book that makes you stop and ponder without having to be a Camino walker! (even though, by the end of the book, you will definitely consider taking the trip! I know I have…)


Elaine and Joe are keeping an extremely interesting website called BAnxietyFree. Their tag line says it all: Lose the Fear…Live the Life. I am sure you’ll find their articles extremely helpful and professional. Check out In Movement There Is Peace live on Amazon.

Santiago travel full jacket book cover Cover design for Camino de Santiago book Santiago travel full jacket book cover Santiago travel full jacket book cover

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