Website clean logo design

Website clean logo design

Website clean logo design

Project brief

Mark Lyford, author of “Rebel Entrepreneur” , needed a clean, modern looking logo for his soon-to-be launched WordPress Themes website. Without having anything specific in mind, his only desire was for the logo to be a combination of image and text. He didn’t need something extremely detailed because the logo was aimed primarily at web usage.

Design process

The first time I read the word “visimo,” it instantly made me think of something to do with “clarity.” Combining “clarity” with the idea that the website will be providing some really great WordPress Themes “gems,” I decided to base my logo concept on a stylized diamond. I’ve chosen inviting colors combined with modern polished fonts.

Final thoughts

Mark was very pleased with the outcome of his new “Visimo” logo because it ended up both inspirational and modern with a clean overall touch and feel.


Mark is still developing his Visimo Themes website, so make sure you stay tuned for its official public launch.

Website clean logo design Website clean logo design

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