If you need accurate information about our services, resources, and payments, here is a list to answer the most important questions. In case you need other information that we haven’t included below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Services


What are pre-made book covers?

Pre-made book covers are unique, one-time purchase designs that we offer as a low-cost alternative for tight budgets and deadlines. We deliver them within 2 working days after full down payment to our PayPal account.

Why do you create pre-made book covers?

We create pre-made book covers to keep us inspired and to help authors get a better glimpse of what they’re looking for. Some of these covers were rejected by authors because they didn’t suit a particular story. Nonetheless, they are high-quality designs that can benefit other stories. You can find out more about pre-made book covers in our article, what to know about pre-made book covers. You can also visit our pre-made book covers gallery.

Do you sell pre-made covers with your original illustration or photography?

No, we don’t. Original illustration and photography require a different approach. And they take a lot more time. That’s why we price them higher. If you’re interested in original photography or custom illustration, please see our service and prices page.

Can I request design refinements for a pre-made book cover?

We offer two refinement rounds with minor edits such as, main color scheme, font type, font size, or text placement.

What kind of refinements I can’t ask for a pre-made book cover?

You can’t ask us to change the main graphical composition. This would result in an entirely different book cover.

What if I need more than two rounds of refinements?

If you feel that you need more than that, we charge $50 extra for each set of two additional refinements.

I need a back cover and spine for my pre-made book cover. Can you design them for me?

Yes, of course. We charge an additional $50 for creating the back and spine of a pre-made book cover you’ve purchased.

Custom Design

How is custom book cover design different from pre-made book covers?

Custom book cover design means we create a cover based on your project brief, desire, and indications. Whereas, pre-made book covers are covers that are pre-designed by us.

Can I send you photos from my own library to use on my custom-made book cover?

Yes, of course! You just need to make sure you own the rights to use them. We will let you know if their quality is too low for optimal use.

How many refinement rounds will I get for custom book cover design?

We offer UNLIMITED refinement rounds for custom book cover design.

Do I have to pay for extra images or third-party design resources that you use in the final design?

No, you don’t. All images and design resources are included in our price. However, if you want us to use a specific image from a specific stock photo website, you must purchase it personally.

What does book formatting mean?

Our book formatting service refers to profesionally designing the pages of books, magazines, E-zines & Catalogues.

Do you also cover the price for stock images I want to use inside my book?

No, we don’t. You will need to cover the price for them.

Can I send you my images to use in my book?

Yes, for sure! They must be high resolution and they shouldn’t breach copyright laws.

How long does it take for book formatting?

The time frame depends on the length and complexity of each manuscript. It can take as little as two weeks or as long as two months.


What kind of brand design services do you offer?

Our brand design services include logos, stationery design, web banners, interactive forms, bookmarks, social media pages, infographics, and newsletters.

What kind of illustration design services do you offer?

Our illustration design services include original hand-drawn or vector based illustrations for book covers, interior layouts, infographics, print ads, and mascots.

Do you give me full rights to the illustrations you create for me?

Yes, we do!


2. Hiring us 

Placing an order

How do I order?

All orders and quote requests must be requested via our email, office@pixbeedesign.com We’ve chosen not to have an online store because we don’t want you—or us—to stress about the safety of online payment information.

Prices & Payments

What currency do you accept?

We accept only US Dollars and EUROS.

How do I pay you?

We accept payments only via PayPal at the moment. We will provide you with our PayPal once we agree on our collaboration.

When do I have to pay you?

For pre-made book covers, we request a full up-front payment. For the rest of our design services, we need a 50% non-refundable advance PayPal payment before starting. The remaining 50% gets paid upon project completion, right before we send you the final files.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

No, we don’t.

Do you offer discounts?

We understand budgets and so we take the freedom to adjust our prices. Sometimes, we have special discounts available to everyone so make sure you follow us on social media. And we may even be able to do pro-bono work for not-for-profit organizations if we are not extremely busy. Just shoot us a question!

What if the project doesn’t finalize?

In case a project can’t be fully completed—for solid reasons—we retain the first 50% advance but the client doesn’t have to pay the remaining 50%. In such case, the client can’t use ANY of the design proposals we provided up until the point the project got canceled.


3. Design resources

Stock images

Where are you getting the images for your designs?

Depending on project type and complexity, we may choose to use:

  • stock images from dedicated websites. We use subscriptions or pay-as-you-go plans. All photo expenses are included in our prices—apart from images for book formatting. Please understand we don’t sell these images as-is and so we won’t give them to you as stand alone files. We trust our composition skills, so we always combine several images to create the desired original scene. Your book won’t be just one stock image with some text slapped on it.
  • graphics we’ve personally purchased in bundles from trusted graphic design websites, such as the ones from InkyDeals.com.
  • free stock photos and public domain images from trusted websites, such as PixaBay.com.

What kind of images you don’t use?

We never ever EVER use: Google images, images found on random blogs, computer screen wallpapers or vectors/clipart from dodgy websites (most probably pirated and stolen—don’t worry, we smell them from miles away…)

Do I have to pay for the images?

No, you don’t. However, please make sure you understand we don’t sell third-party design resources. We sell an end-product that is our own creative work based on these resources. In case you need the comprising images separately, you will have to buy them yourself.

Is there a limit to the amount of design resources you use in a project?

No, we don’t limit the amount of design resources we use in one project. Meaning, we use as many stock images, graphics, illustrations as we see fit without charging extra. However, we don’t cover the images for book formatting.

Do you use the same stock image for multiple clients?

No, we don’t! We have plenty of resources and we are extremely creative. So we always make sure not to use the same image or graphic in different projects.

How can I be sure you’re telling me the truth about the legality of your design resources?

At the end of a project, we send a wrap-up folder that also contains the links to where all the design resources are located on the Internet. In case we used paid stock, we provide access to the license page of the respective stock site so that you always have these details at hand. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



Do you create your own fonts?

No, we don’t. Font design requires different skills and special software that we don’t have.

Where do you take your fonts from?

We use either commercial fonts that we have personally purchased or free fonts that we get from trusted websites. In case we use free fonts, we make sure they can be used commercially.

Do you provide me with the fonts that you used?

No, we don’t! As per the EULA agreement—End User License Agreement—fonts cannot be distributed as is, especially if they are purchased fonts. However, we provide you with the name of the fonts as well as the links to where they are natively located on the Internet. This way, you can personally buy a commercial font or download a free font directly to your computer.

Logos & original illustration


Do you use clipart for your logos?

No, we don’t. We create logos from scratch!

Am I getting the digital working files for logos & custom illustration too?

Yes, we can provide you with the digital working files. But please make sure you specifically ask for hem.


4. Miscellaneous 

Design software & file types

What graphic design software do you use?

We use Adobe Creative Cloud which we legally pay for every month. This gives us full access to all Adobe graphic design softwares. We use Adobe Photoshop for book covers, Adobe Illustrator for logos and other custom illustrations, and Adobe InDesign for interior page layout design.

What file types will I get?

We provide Jpg, Png, Tif, or Pdf files.

Am I getting the digital working files for my project?

Yes, we can provide you with all original digital files, but you need to specifically ask them. However, please be aware of the following:

  • you will have to get the right fonts on your own. When you first open our digital files, you will be notified some fonts are missing. They will be replaced with other similar fonts that are already installed on your computer. The solution is easy. Visit the links we give you. Download or buy the fonts depending on their license. Install them on your computer. And next time you open the file, you will be able to edit the text layers using the fonts we initially used.
  • we will combine all images into one single scene layer which means you won’t be able to extract each image individually.
  • you can’t extract and use the stock images for any other projects or purposes.


What is your working status?

PixBeeDesign works as an independent contractor, legally registered in our country of residence.

Do you have a written agreement?

Yes, we do. Before making the 50% advance payment and before we start working on your project, you must read, agree, and sign our Independent Contractor Letter of Agreement. We have specifically wrote it in plain and easy-to-understand language—don’t worry, we don’t like those difficult wordy contracts either! While the language is simple, our intentions are serious and our Letter of Agreement represents a legal document.

Why do I have to sign an agreement?

We ask you to sign an agreement with us so that we can set good grounds for understanding what we expect from each other.

Do I get to own full rights to the final design?

Yes, you have full rights to use the creative design we make for you according to the project type. The copyright to the individual royalty-free images that we use is retained by their respective authors. This doesn’t constitute a problem for you—you are allowed to use the creative work we made for you. In case we use third-party resources that require attribution, we will ask you to give such attribution accordingly. You can find out much more about rights to the final design in our Letter of Agreement.

Do I get the rights to the preliminary designs?

No, you don’t. You can’t make use of any of the preliminary designs, sketches (either drawn or computer based,) and/or concept versions that we send you during the project. You pay for ONE end product only and you get the rights to that one final design. But in case you like other preliminary designs and wish to get the rights to use them too, we will negotiate a reasonable price.


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