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The following guidelines apply to all our design services

Prices are given as a guide. The final quote depends on project complexity.
… except for pre made book covers which have a fixed-price.
No additional fees for design resources.
Three preliminary concept designs to choose from.… however, we can discuss a price for additional design(s) if you like more than one preliminary concept.
UNLIMITED refinement rounds for all our services.… except for pre made book covers which have limited refinement rounds.
Covers are unique composite designs created from two or more images.… we don’t limit the amount of photos, textures and graphics we use—except for book formatting service.
Stock images are from trusted websites.… we never use Google images, copyrighted material, screen wallpapers or random blog images. We can also work with the images provided by the client but only if they are high resolution and don’t breach copyright laws. In case you suggest we use a specific stock photo, you are responsible for purchasing it.
No charge for Skype calls… except for the 1-to-1 video consulting service.
No charge for the working files… watch our tutorial to find out more about working files.
We offer discount prices for book series… but only if all covers are created at the same time.
All services comprise of a 50% non-refundable PayPal advance before we start designing and a 50% down payment at project wrap-up.… in case a project doesn’t get finalized for solid reasons, we retain the first 50% advance payment. The remaining 50% won’t be paid anymore but the client won’t be able to use ANY of our work.
BONUS: 3d book cover mock-up … totally free of charge.

affordable book covers creative pre-made book cover different book genres professional book cover design book covers with fast turnaround

Pre made book covers

Pre-made book covers are unique designs that we offer as a less pricey alternative for authors with tight budgets and deadlines. We do NOT resell the same pre-made book cover. Upon purchase, the pre-made book cover is taken down from the gallery. Here's what you'll get with this design service:

  • front cover only
  • two working days turnaround after payment
  • minor refinements (see list)
  • one 3d rendering
  • various file formats in different sizes (jpg, pdf & png)
  • back cover and spine design for an additional $50

$150 (fixed price)GalleryGuidelines

front eBook cover design audio book cover 3d book mock-up various eBook cover sizes

eBook cover design

As eLibraries are getting increasingly crowded, it's harder and harder for eBooks to break through. Luckily, we know exactly what it takes for an eBook cover to catch those crucial seconds of the readers' attention span. We'll help your eBook grab all eyes on the major ePlatforms such as, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, BookBaby, etc. Here's what you'll get for our eBook cover design service:

  • eBook front cover
  • three design concepts to choose from
  • UNLIMITED rounds of refinements
  • various file formats in multiple sizes: jpg, png, pdf
  • BONUS: two 3d renderings + one horizontal web banner (960 x 170 Pixels)
  • NO hidden additional fees for the design resources we use
  • for book series, we can tailor a good price if all covers are created at the same time

from $300Request quoteGuidelines

print-ready book pdf full jacket book cover design softcover design hardcover design 3d image of your book

Full jacket cover design

The print version is one of the most important factors contributing to your book's success. It's got just a few seconds to make a reader pick it up from the library shelf. So it cannot be an average cover design. It must be spectacular. That's where our expertise comes into play. We'll help your book rise to the highest standards of the publishing industry. Here's what our full jacket cover design service is comprised of:

  • cover front, back and spine design
  • paperback and hardcover
  • three design concepts to choose from
  • UNLIMITED refinement rounds
  • various file formats in multiple sizes: jpg, png, pdf
  • BONUS: two 3d renderings + one horizontal web banner (960 x 170 Pixels)
  • no hidden additional fees for the design resources we use
  • for book series, we can tailor a good price if all covers are created at the same time

from $450Request quoteGuidelines

text-only book layout design text and images book formatting highly graphical book layout design book formatting book typesetting catalogue design

Book formatting

Book formatting is a very thorough process. It takes time to design book page layouts that look balanced, visually appealing and professional. Our book interiors are of the finest quality. We focus on details, publishing standards, and out-of-the-box designs. We don't use common word processor software. We use Adobe InDesign, the best tool on the market.

  • text formatting and design for books, catalogues and presentations
  • choice between basic (text-only), medium (text and images) and complex (highly graphical design)
  • print-ready pdf
  • focus on details and layout publishing standards
  • equivalent price for stock images
  • for original illustrations please check our illustration service section

basic from $400

complex from $700

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digital magazine design iPad magazine design eZine vertical design scrolling horizontal design scrolling interactive magazine design

Digital magazine design

As more and more people have taken the digital dive, there's a growing interest for digital magazine design. We know exactly what to do to make your next digital magazine look amazing on the web or iPad. We keep in mind that the functionality of a digital magazine is different than the one of a print magazine. We create optimal designs. Here's what our digital magazine design service consists of:

  • magazine design for the web and iPad
  • horizontal or vertical scrolling
  • creative page design
  • optimal layouts for easy reading
  • interactive features
  • easy-to-use templates
  • platform uploading upon request

from $500Request quoteGuidelines

flyer postcard magazine ad blog banner website banner social media banner library poster sticker bookmark magnet

Book promotion materials

The success of a book goes far beyond writing and designing it. The book promotion materials are just as important. You need a well-prepared book launch as well as a strong marketing strategy to maintain your audience's interest. We design a wide range of promotional materials that you can use to create the best market presence for your book:

  • book flyer
  • postcard
  • magazine ad
  • library poster
  • sticker
  • bookmark
  • magnet
  • web banner
  • print-ready and web-ready files

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hand-drawn illustration vector illustration symbol design mascot design info graphic custom illustration coloring sketch to final product

Custom illustration

Some book genres require specific images that are hard to find on stock photo websites. For example, children's books are based on unique characters and fiction landscapes. They need original custom created illustrations to reflect that. Our amazing illustrator works diligently to create drawings that match the clients' vision as much as possible. Here's what our custom illustration service is made of:

  • original illustrations in hand-drawn or vector format
  • info graphics, print ads, and mascots
  • characters and landscapes
  • caricatures
  • attention-grabbing concepts
  • from sketch to final product
  • custom coloring
  • close work and communication with the client

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author logo design author tagline color scheme and typography author business card book card

Visual branding

As an author, you shouldn't mix the writing endeavours with your personal life or any other business you may be running. You need to shape your author persona separately. Don't worry! You can count on us! We use our extensive expertise, native finesse, as well as our good understanding of business to create the most effective visual branding for your author persona. Here's what we deliver for our visual branding service:

  • market research on your competition
  • Q&A report to fully understand your branding needs
  • the right colors, fonts and overall mood
  • author logo design
  • author tagline
  • business card
  • book card
  • brochure design

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branded design across social media channels designs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest custom headers profile photos social media ad design

Social media design

Social Media is one of the best places to start an author career. It has a huge potential for building an audience and generate fans. But you do need to mesmerise them. And you can do that by using beautiful, memorable and professional graphics. We come in help! To drive sales and engage readers, we create branded designs that are consistent across all your social media channels. Here's what you'll get with our social media design service:

  • consistent design across all social media channels
  • custom design for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Facebook and Twitter ads
  • files delivered as jpg in the right size for each social media channel
  • IMPORTANT: As an add-on, we can also set up new accounts for you

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price per 30 minutes

Book design consulting

Planning to self-publish but not sure where to start? Would you like some design advice for your publishing needs? We offer 1-to-1 video consulting on Skype to help you understand what you need to self-publish successfully. Here's what our book design consulting means:

  • high-quality video Skype calls in English
  • price per 30 minute
  • minimum 30-minute session
  • IMPORTANT: This service is for authors who haven't hired us for a project

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website design for authors book landing page book series landing page design newsletter design web coding Wordpress design and coding responsive web pages

Website design for authors

As an author, you need a website to be the headquarters of your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many authors' websites look dated. They're packed with information which detracts readers' attention from the most important part—the books. When we create websites for authors, we build strategic designs to match the style of their books. We also make them eye catching, modern and consistent. Please note we code only the websites we design. Here's what our author web design service includes:

  • 7-days turnaround
  • beautiful user-friendly design
  • coding for Wordpress or traditional HTML
  • content hierarchy
  • design layouts for all media devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • landing page or classic multiple pages website
  • professional blog
  • audio and video integration
  • email marketing tools
  • IMPORTANT: Project wrap-up includes a live 1-to-1 Skype video training session for FREE to help you learn how to easily maintain your website on your own.

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