Nelly Murariu
Expert Book Designer, founder of PixBeeDesign
Hi, I'm Nelly!
I'm a freelance graphic designer specialized in book design. I create book covers, book interiors, eBooks, promotional materials, and websites for authors. Since 2011, I have worked with many presses, self-published authors, and book professionals from all over the world.
I'm an autotelic, bibliophile, logophile, pluviophile, nephophile, lisztomaniac who strongly believes in the beauty and power of a creative life. When I'm not at my computer designing, I am a full-time mom, avid reader, and nature lover.
Alex Panait
Expert Web Developer
Hi, I'm Alex!
I'm not your average Joe who just develops websites. I use my management & marketing background to understand the connection between a business and its website.
I've got 10+ years experience in web development, 3+ years WordPress themes & plugins development, I'm proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and JavaScript. I'm detail-oriented, efficient, and outgoing.
Renee Fisher
Author & Coach
Hi, I'm Renee!
I'm an author and life coach specialized in coaching creatives. I'm passionate about defending dreams and spurring others forward to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24). #DreamDefender. Since 2015, I've coached many clients through the process of writing and publishing. Dream Me to Life is a strategic coaching method that I designed to help each client in five key areas of life, dreams, creative arts, business, and spiritual direction to restore the client to live their best life. I offer 30 and 60-minute coaching sessions.
I'm a BIG fan of glitter and gardens. I'm a graduate of Biola University and Trinity Seminary. I live in Davenport, Iowa, with my handsome husband and our fur child named “Starfish.” Connect at and
Georgy Mihaila
Freelance Designer
Hi, I’m Georgy!
I’m a newbie in this wonderful world of book design. It’s a world where I've finally found peace and lust for life. It’s a world I keep learning about with passion and pleasure and that has given a meaning to my professional life.
Nothing would have happened without my good friend, Nelly, who is also my mentor. Thank you, Nelly! I love books and I love creating them even more!
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